RI Digital: USA 2020

Live and free to air: December 2nd - 3rd

The RI Digital: USA 2020 conference is Responsible Investor (RI)'s 12th annual conference focusing on sustainable business and finance issues in North America.

Against the backdrop of a landmark US Presidential election, heavy-duty regulatory changes - both nationally and internationally - the societal and financial impacts of COVID-19, and an outcry in public demand for greater racial and social justice, the RI Digital: USA 2020 conference has never been more timely and necessary.

The impact of these major topics, and many other longer-term sustainability issues, are now becoming much clearer to investors, and more politically and economically sensitive.

As a result, discussion on ESG issues is rightfully being propelled into the spotlight; and yet the debate around why and how sustainability is important to finance is still deeply polarising in the US.

That said, surveys show that sustainability labelled investment funds are expected to account for half of all professionally managed assets in the US in the next five years.

Therefore, now, more than ever, is the time for enhanced scrutiny on sustainable finance and ESG claims, and for investors and companies to truly do the work to mark out how long-term financial and societal goals can be achieved.

Join us at the RI Digital: USA 2020 conference to debate with some of the biggest institutional investors in the US on how they will respond to the rising tide of ESG-related regulation, the energy transition, political and social volatility and rising climate risk in the 2020s.

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